Begin And Rise Creative
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Begin And Rise Creative
an exploration of the innate creative energy we share



To the beginning. To the possibility. To the limitless opportunity that abounds. Begin and Rise Creative houses the creative exploration of artist and illustrator, April Bachman Leonard. It is a place to play without judgement and to find inspiration by pushing beyond personal limitation.

Here, you'll find a resource that supports self-discovery and encourages a daily creative practice. Become enchanted with watercolor musings, ponder the various reflections of A Beginner's Mind, and get comfortable with the unknown.

I'm so happy you're here.




Through my creative practice, I explore self-worth, forgiveness, impermanence, human connection and what it means to navigate life in a conscious and purposeful way.

I value adventurous exploration through openness and uniqueness. Developing a creative practice based on worthiness results in connecting deeper with authentic Self, other people, and the world.

My art flows from this place.




Want to come play in my studio? Have a project in the works and need some help?

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